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Black Hawk USA specializes in selling CF-29, CF-30, CF-18 and CF-19 Toughbooks all over the world.  All Toughbooks For Sale include a highly sensitive modern micro GPS Radio.  Refreshed Original Panasonic Batteries lasting 2+ hours minimum to 8 hours of power.  Regular or Rubber Back Lit Keyboards, Power AC Cords, System Restore DVD's and CD's.  Extended Warranties, Resale Programs, Free Shipping, and the best most complete software package available in the industry.  All Laptops are equipped with DVD/CD Optical Drives, Touch or Non-Touch Screens.  Fast Modern Wireless WiFi communication, Scorpio Hard Drives, The Original Rubber Knobby Protectors, Metal LCD Toughbook Badges, and daily communication with our customers.  Black Hawk USA is rated as the most professional and reliable reseller of Panasonic Toughbooks in the industry.  Black Hawk ships all over the world where USPS ships.  Our prices are very low,  yet our product line the most durable and the most unique in both looks and function.  Considered TOUGHER than the typical Toughbook, Black Hawk SPEC-OPS Toughbooks will exceed your needs and expectations  and will be a machine you will rely on for years to come.   The only Branded Professional  Refurbished  Toughbook in the World. You are going to own the most unique looking and highly desirable Extreme Machine.  Also note Black Hawk USA  DOES NOT SELL  FROM eBAY, this ensures you will receive a high value laptop with more options not available on eBay Please learn all about our Toughbooks and when ready to purchase, use our safe secure Buy It Now e-commerce portal through GOOGLE CHECKOUT.   Email us so we can start packaging your machine for shipping.  You will have time to test drive and make sure your new  Black Hawk SPEC-OPS Toughbook is right for you.  ContactUs@PanasonicToughbooks.net 

Black Hawk Toughbooks  are ISO-9000 certified.  Black Hawk Toughbook Laptop Computers must adhere to strict standards while improving each Toughbook's  look, function and performance.  Black Hawk Toughbook USA does not  tinker  with or install home made devices into any laptop not listed within  the products original manual.  This strict adherence  allows Black Hawk to obtain State and Federal contracts requiring all original equipment.  Each component of our laptops are backed by an extensive warranty offered to all customers.  Black Hawk Toughbooks USA use the best  technology allowing  the highest resale value of all Professionally Refurbished Toughbooks.   A refurbished  Black Hawk Toughbook offers options like a Touch Screen LCD, Rubber  Backlit Keyboards, single or dual core Intel Processors, CF-18,  CF-19,  CF-29 and CF-30 models.  Each machine requires the signature Rubber Knobby Protector®  so customers recognize they are buying a genuine OEM  Black Hawk Refurbished Computer only available here in the USA.   Located near Google headquarters just north of Mountain View California, Black Hawk works with local companies in the Bay Area to supply GPS Radios built by Canmore.  Manufactured at the Motorola Plant, Canmore of Tiawan ensures our customers are using the most state of the art technology for personal navigation, camping, commuting, flying or deep sea fishing.  Along with state of the art GPS receivers, each machine offers a DVD/CD-RW  Optical Drive , high speed HDD drive,  WiFi Wireless, bright LCD screens, the Rubber Knobby Protector® , and more.  The warranty  provided and service offered extends long after the sale.  Use your laptop in the mountains, streams, on 4x4 trails with the Garmin TOPO Map USA Programs, DeLorme Street Atlas and more.   Watch DVD's when camping, browse the net over a crackling fire, plan and print a hiking map, these are just a few reasons customers choose our machines.  Just  flip the switch and the Laptop is ready to go right out of the box.  Unlike most computers built  6 years ago which end up in landfills.  Black Hawk Toughbook  are easier on our environment as they hold value, sustain battery life longer  than any other laptop, and their failure rates are less than 2% compared to the industry average beyond 20%. 

Black Hawk USA,  our Corporate Core Business division services Military, Law Enforcement and Heavy Industrial Applications.  Each machine carries a warranty and is serviced by our  team of specialists  who know the demands required by our Federal, State and Local Agencies.  The BLACK HAWK, DESERT HAWK ,  SPECIAL FORCES  RANGER HAWK and CHROME HAWK Toughbooks will withstand Earthquakes, Flooding, Wild Fires and Natural Disasters unlike most electronic devices available. Black Hawk supports the Wounded Warrior Project, a portion of proceeds helps those who've helped us. WHEN TOUGH ISN'T ENOUGH,  take the  BLACK HAWK TOUGHBOOK.

Already own a Toughbook?   Black Hawk Toughbooks at PanasonicToughbooks.net  will transform your standard Cf-29, CF-30, CF-18, CF-19 laptop into a True Military SPEC-OPS High Grade Fully Ruggedized Toughbook.  Send us your machine through Google Checkout and USPS Priority Mail with Tracking.   All the Black Hawk modifications will be completed for a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine. Build, Refurbishing and Warranty Work takes place at one of our two facilities just north of the Silicon Valley in California.   Prices for the Black Hawk Modification Service  include a Rubber Knobby Protector,  Aluminium Metallic Toughbook Badge, Black Scratch less, Chip less, Stain Proof Coating in Black, Desert and Ranger OD Green.  For the CHROME HAWK look,  please email us for a quote.  GPS Radio Mods run $75.00 and includes all Software like USA TOPO MAPS,  Satellite Tracking Software DeLorme Street Atlas or MS Streets and Trips for (Turn by Turn USA Driving Directions). The cost of each  Rubber Knobby Protector® seen below on a CF-30 runs $25.00 (a similar  prices for all Toughbook Models).  The Metal Badge will replace your vinyl piece and run $11.75.  Paint runs approx $30.00 - $38.50 depending upon your machine.   Your machine will be return shipped to you through USPS Priority Mail, with insurance at REPLACEMENT VALUE.   The work requires 4-5 business days and 3 business days return shipping.  Tracking, Photo's of your machines Model, Bois, and Serial Number are required and need to be emailed to use prior to modification. You may not need to ship the Battery, the Power Cord, or hard drive, but  for SW Upgrades to the Canmore Black Hawk 65 Channel GPS installation , the Hard Drive is required.  Return shipping is paid by the customer and will run approx $21.00.  Please ContactUs@PanasonicToughbooks.net  for additional more information To see what yourlLaptop will look like  above.  Be sure to read   Refurbished vs. Used Toughbooks

  Click the button above for Google's Checkout Invoice  The  secure way to buy a Black Hawk Toughbook.  If you have a Credit Card you will receive an invoice to your email.  Google Checkout does not require an account.  Black Hawk Toughbooks allows the buyer 10 business days to test their machine before a full refund is offered (Excludes Modification Service).    From the date of delivery indicated by your emailed USPS tracking Delivery Confirmation Date provided to you.  Google's Checkout allows the customer a 100% money back return as long as there is a valid tracking number for the returned item. Warranty is provided for your Toughbook.  

Learn about Google Checkout HERE. A  is all you need.  Just print your invoice and follow instructions.   Funds can be sent or returned online quickly.  Click Here for our items ON SALE only while supplies last, need something special? eMail us  we'll respond within 2 hrs. Thankyou.

Only Toughbooks because with Panasonic, you don't need a warranty, You just need us and a Black Hawk for lifetime service.  Prices start  HERE.  Need to check our references, how would you like to communicate with prior customers and learn what they are saying about the Black Hawk Toughbook.  Follow us on Facebook.

Black Hawk Toughbooks on Twitter. send us an email  here  Toughbooks by Black Hawk can be purchased through Google Checkout.  The Black Hawk  CF-18  CF-29 & CF-30 & CF-31 Toughbooks are  prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas.  Once a  $4500.00 device, today it's available for 1/10th the cost.  

 If you fly UAV's  Operate Heavy Equipment. or just need a tough laptop, The Black Hawk CF-18, CF-29 and CF-30's are the candidates.  The Black Hawk Toughbook will keep you connected with the longest battery life (Panasonic) vs. any laptop.

The Black Hawk Modification Service. Want the Black Hawk Toughbook Look?  We can take your  standard machine and turn it into a Mean Military SPEC-OPS  High Tech Toughbook.  You will be in possession of one of most unique and interesting laptop on earth.  Click the link here to learn more.

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