Black Hawk Toughbook USA  The site created  to bring back the best in what is considered "the greatest PC ever developed".  Black Hawk USA and CEO Robert "Bob" Timmins US Army  Retired  flew with those of Phoenix Company, Air Cavalry Regiment  101st Airborne in Vietnam.  Mr. Timmins flew combat missions over South East Asia during Operation Linebacker from 1969 to 1972, and has been credited for saving  lives during unique operations involving US Special Forces into and out of Cambodia and Laos. To fly in combat is to  "Become  the machine" says Lt. Timmins.  This is what drove Bob to create Black Hawk Toughbooks.   After a successful career in Aviation, with type ratings in Hughes 300, 500,  Jet Rangers, UH-1 Iroquois and  Bell's most advanced Cobra Gunship, "Flying a Helicopter requires as much faith in yourself as in the people who build them."  The similarities in workmanship, engineering, function, operation and durability can be found in a Toughbook Laptop which is unlike any other  piece of electronic equipment.  The value today of a Pre-Owned fully functional UH-1 A and B model Huey cost more than when it was new.  "The machines are to their owners as a wedding ring is to a new bride." They cannot be copied or re-verse engineered , only restored.   The same is true with  Black Hawk Toughbooks a business whose employees share in the ownership.  "It's all based on values, quality and integrity."  Thank you for your interest in what we do.

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