The Black Hawk Toughbook  BackLit Rubber Keyboard allows the user the opportunity to view their typing skills at night in the dark.  A great feature for around $100.00 this is one of several models which are found on the Toughbook.  This keyboard is an entire piece of rubber draped over the keyboard  encasing the device water tight. With translucent white lettering allowing 3 levels of led lighting to shine through, its really bright and makes the machine look even more mean. Touching the keyboard and making it type is also unique in that the user only needs to barely tap the edge of the key to deploy its action.  Installing is rather easy as well.  Ask about this neat feature when buying your next Black Hawk Toughbook.

Black Hawk Toughbook Backlit Rubber Key Boards seen here.

Part Number  CF-WKB301VM CFWKB291AM  and  N2ABZY000023

When Tough isn't Enough, then its the Black Hawk Toughbook offering the owner a higher grade of Military Laptop. These Rubber Backlit Key Boards are a bit fragile and can rip.  A real cool feature but be VERY careful when cleaning them.   Your technology must withstand the environment you operate in. Black Hawk Toughbooks , combine technology, functionality, durability and style all packaged up into the New Black Hawk, CHROME Hawk and DESERT Hawk Panasonic Ruggized Machine. At we sell a very unique CF-29. Each Refurbished Toughbooks arrives equipped with a Rubber Knobby Protector and a Base Coat of specific Textured Coating for protective Reflective operations. Refurbished and Rebuilt CF-29 BLACK HAWK, DESERT HAWK and CHROME HAWK Panasonic Toughbooks will withstand Natural disasters, Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunami's better than any other laptop. Got a mission on the books? Take a Toughbook, and when Tough isn't Enough take the Black Hawk CF-29.  This Backlit / Back Lit Keyboard / Key Board is on its highest and brightest setting.  Of the 4 brightness settings, this image shows setting the highest, (setting 4).

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