Need to purchase a Toughbook? Black Hawk Toughbooks at sell Fully Refurbished Toughbooks from Panasonic.  The prices range between $485 - $1,375.00.  Black Hawk transforms used Toughbooks into Fully Rugged Refurbished Laptops. Our Toughbooks for sale far surpass the standard Panasonic Toughbooks currently offered on the internet.  Black Hawk Toughbooks go way beyond the common "refurbish job", by  offering options no other seller provides.  Email us for prices and Laptops available.  Please include the model of the Toughbook Laptop you are inquiring about.

Black Hawk Toughbooks  sell Rugged Laptops that are in great demand, use the best technology and have the highest resale value offering years of computing power.  The used  Black Hawk Toughbooks offer options like Touch Screens, Rubber  Backlit Keyboards, single and dual core laptops, CF-18's   CF-19's   CF-29's and the CF-30.  The signature Rubber Knobby Protector ensures you are buying the genuine OEM  Black Hawk Refurbished Computer only available in the USA.   Each laptop comes with  a  powerful state of the art GPS receiver. DVD/CD-RW drive, high volume Hard drive,  bright LCD screen, the Rubber Knobby Protector® , and  much more.   Black Hawk Toughbooks offers the best service in any used Laptop Refurbisher. The warranty and service provided doesn't end after the sale.  Use your laptop in the mountains, streams, track hikes using TOPO software by Garmin, watch DVD's while camping and more.  Just  flip the switch and the machine is ready to go once out of the box.   Rugged Refurbished Toughbooks like the  Black Hawk Toughbook  are easier on our environment.  Unlike most laptops built  6 years ago, end up in landfills.  The reason for this short lived PC Market is due to how the machines are built and how long the machine was designed.  Black Hawks Toughbooks always work and continue hold their value.

Already own a Toughbook?   Black Hawk Toughbooks at  offers                  The Black Hawk Modification Service.    Black Hawk Toughbooks will transform your standard Cf-29, CF-30, CF-18, CF-19 laptop into a True Military SPEC-OPS High Grade Fully Ruggedized Toughbook Laptop.  Send us your machine, follow our secure USPS Tracking Priority Mail Format, and all the Black Hawk Mods will be completed at a fraction for the cost of buying a new machine.  Prices include a Rubber Knobby Protector,  Aluminium Metallic Toughbook Badge, Black Scratch less, Chip less, Stain Proof Coating in Black, Desert and Ranger OD Green Covering.  For the CHROME HAWK look,  please email us for a quote.  GPS Radio Mods run $75.00 and includes all Software like USA TOPO MAPS, FLIGHT SOFTWARE and STREET ATLAS (Turn by Turn Directions) by DeLorme.  Each  Rubber Knobby Protector® costs $25.00 for all models, CF-18, CF-19, CF-29, CF-30.  The Metal Badge will replace your vinyl piece and run $11.75.  Paint runs approx $30.00 - $38.50 depending upon your machine.   Your machine will be return shipped to you through USPS Priority Mail, with insurance at REPLACEMENT VALUE.   The work requires 4-5 business days and 3 business days return shipping.  Tracking, Photo's of your machines Model, Bois, and Serial are required and are to be emailed to use for evaluation. You will not need to ship the Battery, the Power Cord,  however the HDD for SW Upgrades to the Canmore Black Hawk 65 Chan. GPS Module is required.   Return shipping costs approx $15.00 each way.  Please message us for more information about our Ultra Military Ops Modification.  See Pics of what your machine COULD look and preform like. Read Refurbished vs. Used Toughbooks


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