Buying a Toughbook

What you need to know about purchasing a Refurbished Toughbook. Buying a Toughbook is a good decision if looking for a used laptop.  But when Tough isn't Enough, the Black Hawk Toughbook is a Great Decision.  Panasonic Rugged-ized Laptops are the best built in this category of computing.  Black Hawk Toughbook, took that concept to a new level with their BLACK, DESERT, LONG-BOW OD Green,  and  CHROME models.   Very few pieces of electronic devices with LCD's and Microchips are built as tough as these machines. These laptops have seen action all over the world in many different roles from Special Forces in Afghanistan to USA based Fire Fighting  Seen Here.

The Panasonic Tough Book is a laptop computer designed to work hard in diffucult environments and at times out work those who use them.  These are the only laptops "put through the test", a test that would destroy almost all mechanical device.  These are notebook computers designed and built for rugged use and the Black Hawk Toughbook adds 2 additional durability pieces, the coating to protect the machine and the
Rubber Knobby Protector to protect the surfaces they are set on.  The Rubber Knobby Protector keeps windshields from cracking.  Flip it over and the Rubber Knobby Protector keeps the laptop from sliding across the dash into the lap of your passenger or out the window.    Black Hawk Toughbooks can withstand bumps, spills, and   dropped. They are designed for people who are out in the field: people who need to protect their data, their jobs, and their computers from just about anything. The Panasonic Tough Books are built with a magnesium case. This prevents the computer from being crushed or damaged if it is dropped. Though  brittle metal, its lighter and stronger than many tough plastics.   For people who spend a lot of time on airplanes, this can be particularly critical. Many notebook computers are damaged as they travel though security checks and baggage claim scanners.  They are often stuffed into overhead compartments. In addition, the Tough Books are designed with shock absorbing devices to protect the hard drive and other components that can easily be damaged from being bumped around too much. Furthermore, Tough Books are built to be spill-proof. All fully rugged models are built so that the keyboards and touchpads are resistant to spills and moisture, while the LCD screens are specially sealed to protect against rain and moisture as you work out outdoors. When you need a notebook that can withstand almost anything, a Black Hawk Tough Book may be the right tool for the job.  is an authorized dealer of Tough Books. We can help you choose the model that is just right for your industry. Visit our web site and contact message us for a rapid response. It may be the best thing you ever do for your critical data. Learn more here Black Hawk Toughbooks USA.

Black Hawk takes the CF-29, CF-30 and CF-19 and re-creates the machine into a sleek, highly protective, functional refurbished laptop.  The laptop is coated with a unique polymer textured paint for special operations.  Black Hawk Refurbished Toughbooks start with the MK1 CF-29 1.2Ghz Machine with RAM at 512MB to 1GB, depending on which model.  Each machine is installed with the unique
  Software Package,  DeLorme Streets and Trips, Adobe Photo Shop, MS Office as well a many other unique programs like the GARMIN North America TOPO Maps and SIM Training Software (F-16 Flight package).  The next machine, the MK2 CF-29 1.3Ghz Black Hawk with 768MB to 1.256GB RAM, come complete, ready to run, or can be installed with the additional Interactive Touch Screen Option (depending upon buyer specifications). The last machine, the fastest and most modern on the rack is the  MK4 and MK5 CF-29, a 1.6Ghz 1.256-1.5GB RAM Black Hawk.  The final machine is the CF-30 MK3 machine and beyond. Options for the Black Hawk Laptop include Touch Screen's, DVD/CD-RW Internal Optical Drives, and Extended Use Batteries.  Each machine comes equipped with its Micro Radio GPS. Software Packages including Office, Dragon, Delorme, Garmin and more. Other options include PCMCIA USB Ports, Mini WiFi Receivers. and more.  These additions range from $17.50 to $110.00.  The Hard Drive Capacity begins with a 40GB IDE Laptop 5400RPM Drive, and will upgrade to a WD 160GB drive or the WD 320GB Drive.  The price for Hard Drive upgrades range from $65.00 to $109.00.  Each machine will have its Panasonic Aluminum Hard Drive Caddy,  their own Yellow Tip AC Power Supply.   Located at Black  these Toughbooks run between $529.00 for the basic Black Hawk to $850 for the CHROME (A remarkable classy mirrored look) 1.6Ghz 1.25-1.5GB RAM 160GB HDD and DVD/CD-RW Optical Drive Laptop, with Touch Screen and WAAN Antenna and all options. Finally the MK2 CF-30 with 4GB RAM 250GB HDD at $1299.00, The Black Hawk  CHROME Machine, is a specialty ordered item requiring several weeks of metal work, prior to delivery.  See current pricing for CF-19 and CF-30 Machines.  The Interactive TOUCH-SCREEN Feature is offered as an additional feature will run approx. $95.00 To learn more about these machines, let us know what specific feature you are looking for in a
Black Hawk Toughbooks USA, message us at

Your GPS unit (seen here ).  A mini, mobile antenna that is designed to work with the machine to communicate with satellites above through Microsoft Streets and Trips and Google Maps and Delorme Street Atlas on your laptop.  The Black Hawk is the only Refurbished outfit offering GPS on all their Toughbooks as standard equipment.  Your DVD/CD-RW Drive once installed will allow you to watch clear and vivid bright full motion 2 hour films DVD Videos, whether in your car while on a road trip or in your tent at the camp site. Other programs include Roxio for creating your own movies to upload on YouTube, and edit your own music and much more.