Buying a Toughbook

Purchasing a Toughbook is a good decision if looking for a used laptop.  But when Tough isn't Enough, the Black Hawk Toughbook is a Great Decision.  Panasonic Rugged-ized Laptops were the best built in this category of computing.  Black Hawk Toughbook, took that concept to a new level with their BLACK, DESERT and new CHROME models.  These machines are designed for one thing, to function when most laptops likely will fail.  Very few pieces of electronic devices that rely on LCD's and Microchips are built as tough as these machines.

Now for the Toughest Toughbooks. The Black Hawk Toughbook takes the CF-29 and re-creates the unit into a sleek, highly protective, functional refurbished laptop.  The machines are coated with a unique polymer textured paint for special operations. Each Refurbished Toughbook offered start with the MK1 CF-29 1.2Ghz Machine with RAM at 512MB to 1GB, depending.  Each machine is installed with the unique Software Package, MS Streets and Trips, Adobe Photo Shop, MS Office as well a many other unique programs like the GARMIN North America TOPO Maps and SIM Training Software (F-16 Flight package)  The next machine is the MK2 CF-29 1.3Ghz Machine with 768MB to 1GB RAM. The biggest and meanest machine is the MK5 CF-29 1.6Ghz 1.256-1.5GB RAM.  Options are DVD/CD-RW Optical Drives, additional RAM etc.  Most machines begin with a stock 40GB HDD in Aluminum Caddy.  However with modern computing needs, that HDD is most likely upgraded to either a 160GB WD HDD to the 360GB WD IDE HDD.  Each machine is equipped with their AC Adaptors and each machine takes advantage of the unique Rubber Knobby Protector® (seen in image).  Located at these machines run between $455.00 for the basic Laptop to $850 for CHROME 1.6Ghz 1.25-1.5GB RAM 360GB HDD and DVD/CD-RW Optical amd more.   The Black Hawk offers a CHROME Machine, as a specialty order item as time needed to create the remarkable classy mirror look.  The Interactive TOUCH-SCREEN Feature is offered as an additional feature. To learn more about these machines you can email us, for additional information. To learn more about these machines, let us know what specific feature you are looking for in a Black Hawk Toughbook, then message us at

Most important,each machine is equipped with its own GPS unit (seen in image).  A mini, mobile antenna that is designed to work with
the machine to communicate with Microsoft Streets and Trips and Google Maps.  The Black Hawk is the only Refurbished outfit offering GPS on all their Toughbooks.

Refurbished Black Hawk Toughbooks

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