Much more performance, great battery life,
a super-bight DIGITAL TABLET display.  With  many features mark the 4th generation of
Panasonic's milestone rugged notebook
computer platform by BLACK HAWK USA.

To purchase a CF-18 
see below.
Non Digitizer Model CF-18 CLICK HERE
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Click BUY NOW tab to purchase:  Price $529.00 Includes IBM Power, GPS / GPS Software / Extended Power Battery / Back Lit KB Option (eMail for price) / CF-18 Panasonic Digitizer and Tether / Touch Screen TABLET XP-PRO Operating System / 60GB HDD / 1.5GB RAM
/ Panasonic Carry Strap / Warranty.
This is just one Solid Fun Laptop to operate, Thanks for looking, Warranty included

Few computers have the history and pedigree of the rugged BLACK HAWK Panasonic Toughbooks, and among those the
CF-18, CF-29 and CF-30 BLACK HAWKS holds a special place as perhaps the most popular rugged notebook computer ever made. With this design, Black Hawk Panasonic Toughbooks found at detail how Panasonic pioneered the concept of a ruggedized mobile computers

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