WHEN TOUGH ISN"T ENOUGH   You are purchasing the CF-18 Black Hawk Toughbook.  This laptop uses the 250GB IDE Scorpio Hard Drive.  A 1.2 GHz Intel Single Core Processor with 1.256 GB RAM.  Not a tablet, they are Touch Screen Mini Toughbooks. These machines are considered a SMALL LAPTOP.  See Images of CF-18's at PanasonicToughbooks.net  If you need a Tablet, please consider other options. If you need a Small ULTRA TOUGH laptop, this is that machine.

These machines have clean, screens are very bright and clear, everything works like original.  Your Tech Support is 6 months, which covers parts, labor. Out of USA purchases, as long as USPS International Priority Mail ships to your location, we will send you an additional shipping invoice of $46.00 USD, Shipping to all USA customers is included.  You are not STUCK with a Black Hawk, many want them and the numbers are limited.  We believe that if you don't like your machine, please return it withing the 3-5 business day slot, all information is located in the shipping box, just repackage the machine.  Warranty 6 months, we work with you through our online tech support, but since failure rates are very rare with Panasonic Toughbooks compared to other laptops, your in good hands with this machine.  Batteries will last a min 2 hrs some longer. These are highly customized machines so please allow 10 business days for customization and shipping.  Shipping is through USPS Priority Mail Tracking to your door.  Once purchase is made through this portal, message us and we will message you with the receipt of your purchase.  You can request a hard copy mailed to you for your records as well.  Please email us immediately after your purchase to ensure your transaction.  Please send us your email and your EXACT shipping address.  We communicate with customers on a daily basis as to updates.  Once purchases are completed, we will give you the updates that you need to ensure a safe accurate purchase of the Worlds BEST SPEC-OPS Panasonic Toughbook by Black Hawk USA.

What's included is your HDD and RAM, your micro GPS by Canmore with memory and mini battery.  OEM Panasonic Battery, IBM Ultra Durable Power Source that is small, Tough, Reliable and Safe for this machine.  The machine will have its mini SD Card Slot/Reader, the OS will be OEM Panasonic XP-PRO with proper CF-18 Drivers.  Software includes MS Office, Photo Shop, REVO DOD Evidence Erasure, GLARY System Utilities, USA TOPO Maps by GARMIN, DeLorme Street Atlas Drive Directions and moving map with voice instructions.  GPS Satt Tracking software, Lat, Lon, Altitude, GOOGLE Earth Locator and Tracking, USMC Emergency TRAUMA / First Aid TRAUMA instructions.  There is more but this is the most COMPLETE  Software Package available for any Toughbook.  Rubber Back Lit Key Boards for these CF-18 machines are limited.
We can add one for an additional $89.00 but only if supplies are available.   Rubber Knobby Protectors are bonded to the lid for laptop and windshield protection.  The machine is coated with a durable black coating for additional scratch resistance and durability.  The plastic Toughbook badge has been replace by the Aluminum Badge.  Remember we offer online Tech Support just email us and we will work out issues with the Toughbook with images and instructions.  Google Checkout is the Safest way to pay. As an escrow account, funds are held for 30 days to ensure a safe and secure transaction.  Thanks.  We are looking forward to making your Toughbook Purchase the best ever.