Specs For This Machine
  • Original Aluminum Panasonic Caddy  w/160 GB Hard Drive
  • DDR2 RAM up either 1.256 GB  to  1.512 GB
  • Good Battery min 3-4 hr, of Power MAY BE MORE, this is for TESTING then we Turn Off Machine.
  • INTERNAL  CF-VCD271 Class 1 Laser Pack w/CD Reader & Writer - DVD Player 
  • IBM  Mini  AC-Adapter/Power Cord (Yellow Tip 2.5mm x 5.5mm)
  • Sony Ericsson PCMCIA Wireless Communication WAAN Card 
  • Blazing Fast 1.6GHz Centrino w/ Mobile Tech. Energy Star Efficient CPU
  • 2 USB Ports 
  • ALL Ports All Doors present, Little scratches Clean Bottom and Clean Lid
  • StarTraq  GPS Radio / Activated
  • DeLorme Street Atlas  With /Turn-By-Turn directions USA Coverage Only
  • GARMIN USA Only TOPO Maps down to 1 meter, matches USGS ToPo  With Active Sync. USA Coverage Only
  • USMC Combat Trauma First Aid with Direction, instruction and Image
  • Revo Un-Installer with DOD Security (Key Included)
  • Glary Utilities Registry Cleaner / Glary Utilities Download
  •  F-16 Fighter SIM/ulator Glass Cockpit 
  • WinFast GPS Software
  • GPSxVisual GPS for Pilots Ground Tracking, Speed, Direction, Location HSI Altimeter
  • MORE.... 

 Navigation Chart (RNC) From NOAA                  Included in the Software Package

Try the machine for 5 business days then return. No returns after 5 business days. ALL ITEMS SHIPPED must  be included with the machine for a refund or return.   You will have a warranty for parts and service.  The machine works and the posting is ACCURATE. There are many Toughbooks offering  Refunds, please review these before bidding and buying. Please allow 10 business days for handling and 3 business days for shipping. Thank  You. Rule about these machines.  They are like LEGO's.  They are made to be built up, torn down and built up again.  It's one of the last remaining computers that allows the end user to learn about the inner working of a laptop.  Its a VERY forgiving machine.  With a bit of tools you can upgrade, downgrade and prepare to resell your Toughbook.   Thanks for looking.  

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