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www.PanasonicToughbooks.net The home of Used Toughbooks.  If your looking to buy a Refurbished Toughbook, Fully Rugged.  Black Hawk Toughbooks offer more customer care than any other seller in the industry.  We don't sell warranties, but we do keep your machine running at all costs.  As long as you can mail it, we can either fix it or replace it.  There should be no limit on time, however if its 3 years or more, product availability may be limited.  Buy a Toughbook from PanasonicToughbooks.net and learn from your self, who is the best backed seller in the refurbished Toughbook Market.  Send us an email at

( written by Black Hawk Toughbooks  for newtouchscreenlaptop.com )

  Panasonic's flagship gets a make-over ( THE NEW CF-30 BLACK HAWK II ) ContactUs@PanasonicTOughbooks.net)

Few computers have the history and pedigree of the rugged BLACK HAWK Panasonic Toughbooks, and among those the CF-29 and CF-30 BLACK HAWKS holds a special place as perhaps the most popular rugged notebook computer ever made. With this design, Black Hawk Panasonic Toughbooks found at www.PanasonicToughbooks.net detail how Panasonic pioneered the concept of a ruggedized mobile computer.

TOUGH ISN"T ENOUGH when it come to the standard CF-29 and CF-30 models commonly sold.  But today consumers have the option to purchase a much more advanced Toughbook Model THE BLACK HAWK, to be used in the field while still remaining affordable. Panasonic's superb industrial design certainly helped, as did BLACK HAWKS Rubber Knobby Protector, using a special durable rubber to protect the use of highly visible magnesium that lowered weight and provided extra strength and protection. Panasonic also kept its flagship Toughbook model updated over the years, with constant improvements. As a result, it won several Pen Computing Magazine "Editor's Choice" Awards and has long been a favorite in law enforcement and numerous other vertical market applications.

BLACK HAWK offers The 4th generation Toughbook, now called the CF-30.  The BLACK HAWK ULTIMATE Toughbook did not need  redesign as it was pretty much perfect as it was, yet with Durable Rubber Coatings, new seals, reinforced corrosion resistant fasteners, Its basic shape and styling remain as attractive and functional as they have been since its inception in 2009. For more info go http://www.PanasonicToughbooks.met or ContactUs@PanasonicToughbooks.net for additional information (how and where to buy the super machines)

However, time has not stood still, and under the hood the CF-30 has undergone a massive technology update. The BLACK HAWK TOUGHBOOK Boasts the best software package of any refurbished laptop for sale.  The GPS stands alone as one of the most energy efficient and advanced in the industry.  The last CF-29 that underwent a full test here at RuggedPCReview.com, it still had a comparatively sedate 1.3GHz Pentium M processor. The new model runs a much speedier 1.66GHz. There are now 160 and 330GB hard drive disks instead of the 40GB-60GB previously offered. The BLACK HAWK's shock-mounted of course HDD protects your data like no other laptop on the planet; Maximum RAM went from 1.5 to 4GB, and there are now an Express Card/54 slot and a SD Card slot. The new model also added an Ethernet port, has faster wireless (802.11a/b/g), Bluetooth, and a significantly more powerful main battery (91 watt-hours!)

Perhaps the biggest news of the BLACK HAWK II TOUGHBOOK is the availability of an incredibly bright 1,000 Nit LCD in the touch screen models (those wiithout touch screen are still nice and bright at 500 Nit). That's quite an accomplishment and, combined with Panasonic's advanced low-reflection coatings, makes for superb outdoor read-a-bility machine.

Another area where BLACK HAWK TOUGHBOOKS by Panasonic applied some muscle is in wireless flexibility and performance. There are a number of integrated wireless options available to take advantage of UMTS/HSDPA-based services from AT&T/Cingular and EV-DO rom Sprint and Verizon. Thanks to a multimedia pocket, users can opt for either an optical Combo or Multi Drive, or a second battery that extends the six hours the CF-30 runs on its primary power pack.

Security is playing an ever larger role, and BLACK HAWK can offer an optional fingerprint scanner and SmartCard reader. This in addition to software-based security measures as welll as TPM v.1.2 implementation, when available.

With an original base price of $4,699.00 The BLACK HAWK can be purchased from eBay or PayPal for a fraction of that. the CF-30 BLACK MACHINE remains a very attractive option applicable to numerous field force and mobile applications. Go to PanasonicToughbooks.net or eMail us at ContactUS@PanasonicToughbooks.net for additional information .rs

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