Black Hawk Toughbooks USA   Black Hawk USA and Black Hawk Toughbooks USA,  Rhonert Park , CA is in final stages of its first year contract  SPN8E6-12-D-003/R0017 with The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support US Army.  The date of performance completion is set Nov. 29, 2013.  The contracting activity  sets forth includes modification / upgrade  installs, spares and support equipment.   The modification is a fixed price with price adjustment set at a maximum  for $1,712,011. 

Black Hawk USA was founded in 2009 supplying  modification and  sales services  for computer PC laptop upgrades.  Black Hawk USA set its main focus on the Panasonic Toughbook platform which extends to approximately 70 percent of the entire Rugged PC Market.  Black Hawk USA has the ability  to re-engineer and refurbish  past  present and future Toughbook models,  Black Hawk USA operates under ISO-9000 certification and MIL-STD-810.  Black Hawk Toughbook Laptop Computers adhere to standards necessary to repair and update  Panasonic Toughbook  function and performance.   Black Hawk Toughbook USA applies strict adherence  to OEM (original equipment manufacturing).

Black Hawk Toughbooks USA uses correct  technology allowing  life extension in the  Professionally Refurbished Toughbooks market.   A refurbished  Black Hawk Toughbook offers options like a Touch Screen LCD, Rubber  Backlit Keyboards, single or dual core Intel Processors, CF-18,  CF-19,  CF-29 and CF-30 models, re-certified extended batteries and optical drives and each machine uses  a  Rubber Knobby Protector     Black Hawk USA is located  in Northern California,  Black Hawk works with local companies in the Bay Area to supplying  customers the most state of the art PC navigation equipment. Black Hawk USA has a unique ability to refurbish / re-service and re-integrate expensive yet outdated Rugged PC Laptops up to current standards.  

By providing a renewed system and a system with upgrades (all PC Based),
New Technology is expensive,  New Technology most likely if OVER ENGINEERED, New Technology requires tech support from unknown sources.  Our system and Modification / Sales services offers an affordable, unique and highly efficient muscle memory system to get any individual up and running.  The cost savings is in line with current cost cutting measures.  The reward is a highly attractive, modern rugged portable  PC System that meets the needs of over 90% of all military. 

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