WHEN TOUGH ISN'T ENOUGH   Black Hawk Toughbooks®   For the sheer  scrap value, the machine pictured above contains over $600 in gold. More than any laptop ever produced. However its computing power and survivability  will not allow you to collect it.  The picture above is the Getac A790, the only machine that can outlive and outlast a Panasonic Toughbook.  The Getac A790 is the latest ultra-rugged model of the Getac Rugged Notebook Family. This extremely rugged notebook not only meets MIL-STD-810G certified and IP65 compliance ratings to survive the harshest environments, but also satisfies critical EMI requirements. A high performance 14.1" TFT sunlight readable LCD provides consistent and efficient operation along with a shock-protected HDD, and a wide range of ambient temperature features. The A790 also possesses multiple bays for extensive versatility and expandability. Users have the luxury of employing the bays with additional removable HDDs for storage capacity expansion, auxiliary batteries for extended use, or other additional modules such as Bluetooth, GPS, and more. Complementing this multifunctional rugged unit are the state-of-the-art authentication capabilities including a TPM chip, a fingerprint scanner, and a smart card reader, to safely protect confidential information.

To choose a Refurbished Fully Rubbed Laptop is a big financial decision.  It is a decision to protect and secure your data – and your technology investment.  According to research, one in ten standard notebooks break as a result of hardware damages. The display and hard drive are affected most often and the average cost of a notebook breakdown can be costly. But thanks to Black Hawk Toughbook’s legendary reliability, durability and security, failure and damage is vastly reduced, meaning a higher initial outlay is soon recovered over the lifetime of your device. The ability of our Refurbished Toughbooks to perform in the conditions you face is borne out by industry research, which shows that the average annual failure rate of PC laptops is around 24%. Panasonic Toughbooks, however, are 7 times more reliable than industrial average notebooks. Panasonic Black Hawks are Custom Designed Machine to withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperature, and other extreme handling, Seen Here. Black Hawk  services military, law enforcement and heavy industrial users.  Black Hawk Toughbooks have expanded  marketing towards a wider audience for Federal, State and Local Agencies. Many tests and quality checks are performed during refurbishing of the Black Hawk Toughbook® and all units are subjected to a burn-in period.  All Black Hawk Toughbook models have a magnesium alloy case coated with a highly resistant coating of rubberized based paint and each has its own Rubber Knobby Protector®.  Black Hawk Panasonic Laptops must carry additional solutions which is why these machines cost in upwards of $4500.00 each when first introduced.  To reduce heat and power consumption, many laptops come with lower voltage Intel processors and have numerous automatic power management functions. Toughbooks have also inadvertently served as bulletproof vests.  Some of the BlackHawk Toughbooks offer The Toughbook PDRC (Permanent Display Removable Computer) with a extraordinarily bright touchscreen. Our BLACK HAWK, DESERT HAWK or CHROME HAWK Toughbooks will withstand Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunami's unlike most electronic devices available. Black Hawk supports the Wounded Warrior Project.  with proceeds going to help those who help us. Take a Toughbook and  WHEN TOUGH ISN'T ENOUGM, take the BLACK HAWK Toughbook.    


The new Off Road Military Getac A790 Ultra Rugged Laptop in it's standard yellow case. 

 Black Hawk Toughbooks sells refurbished Rugged Laptops for SPECIAL FORCES and BLACK OPS.  The equipment  comes standard with these machines including a GPS and TOPO North American Geographical Tracking Software. Each machine is ready out of the box for immediate operations.  Very few laptops will preform in the environment which the Black Hawk operates in, However there is a machine who's image at right puts up a darn good fight, it's perhaps is the only Ultra Rugged machine that outlives Panasonic's Toughbooks.  

 The Getac A790 can be purchased on eBay. To view the Getac specs click on the eBay icon. or click 

 The Getac Computer is a Ultra Rugged vs. the Fully Rugged Toughbook.  Considered the King of Rugged Laptops".  TO purchase a Brand New Getac A790. The finest "Ultra Rugged" computer that money can buy, click the eBay button or click below. The machine new starts at at  $6000.00. The machine for sale carries  the Getac "Bumper to Bumper" 5 Year warranty until June of 2016. http://us.getac.com/support/support-warranty.html This warranty will replace a motherboard and a display a year for 5 years.  Getac, perhaps the only machine that goes beyond the Black Hawk Toughbook for durability and warranty.   Click Here

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