WHERE TO BUY A USED REFURBISHED TOUGHBOOK   Every computer purchase should be carefully considered to improve the buyer’s return on investment.  This is the case when purchasing a specially designed durable laptop.  Rugged Toughbooks like the  Black Hawk Toughbook®   and easier on our environment.  Most laptops built  6 years ago are now have batteries that are dead, use fans that cannot cool, but worst, sit in landfills.  The reason is not because of the technology in the processor or software, it's due to how the machine was built and how long the machine was designed for use.  Today's laptop computer can have an effect on employee productivity, breakdowns are costly in terms of fuel lost and consumed per hour of work.  

Black Hawk Toughbooks®  keep employee productivity in mind, which is why many businesses consider these specialized computers to be important long term investments.  Long term thinking is thinking green and thinking for the next generation.  CF-18, CF-19, CF-29, CF-30 Panasonic Toughbooks were and are built to last, both in terms of internal hardware and its casing. Special materials are used to protect the laptop from dirt, dust, and sand infiltration. Internal components are designed to minimize the chances of data loss and to ensure consistent operation, regardless of what type of software the computer is using. Tough laptops are very portable and can be lightweight. In some cases, thanks to their superior construction they’re nearly indestructible. Durable laptops are designed by major companies such as Panasonic and can include custom hardware when necessary, including specialized hardware for military or industrial purposes. Modern durable laptops can be customized and regularly upgraded to keep their hardware from becoming obsolete. This further improves the investment potential of these devices and keeping them out of landfills. In the past, older designed laptops needed to be replaced every few years, but  todays durable laptop can last indefinitely with minimal repair and upgrade costs. The best aspect of a durable Black Hawk Laptop is, the end user learns how easy to fix, replace or resale their machines.  The laptop is considered a consumable item today, but not the refurbished Panasonic Toughbook.  The customer is buying a Durable Good, one of current and future value, unlike any other laptop manufacture.  This moving forward thinking and the long term expectations for these Toughbooks are examples of how companies need to do business.  Keep your product from ending up as scrap land fill, but rather efficient examples of long lasting technology that can be handed down.  Used Black Hawk Toughbook Prices run from $445.00  to $1275.00  depending on the model.  Black Hawk  services military, law enforcement and heavy industrial users.  Black Hawk Refurbished Toughbooks have expanded  marketing towards a wider audience for Federal, State and Local Agencies. Many tests and quality checks are performed on the Black Hawk Toughbooks® and all units are subjected to a burn-in period.  All PanasonicToughbook.net  models have a magnesium alloy case coated with a highly resistant coating of rubberized paint. Each Black Hawk has its liquid crystal display (LCD) panels designed specifically for visibility during daylight use, and each Black Hawk Laptop lid carries its own Rubber Knobby Protector®. Other design elements include a shock-mounted hard drive and, a moisture and dust-resistant screen, keyboard and in some cases Touch Screens. Black Hawk Panasonic Toughbooks are  the Toughbook series of  the "fully rugged"  line in the personal computer configurations. Black Hawk Toughbooks specialty design allows for  numerous customizable add-on features. Panasonic's BlackHawk  fully rugged laptops have no cooling fan and instead dissipate heat "evenly" through the chassis. Having no fan ensures a better seal against dust and moisture. Further, a lack of a cooling fan can lead to longer battery life, quieter operation, and fewer moving parts. However, this mis why these machines new cost in upwards of $4500.00 each when first introduced.  To reduce heat and power consumption, many laptops come with lower voltage Intel processors and have numerous automatic power management functions. Toughbooks have also inadvertently served as bulletproof vests.  Some of the BlackHawk Toughbooks offer the Toughbook PDRC (Permanent Display Removable Computer) with a extraordinarily bright touchscreen. Our BLACK HAWK, DESERT HAWK or CHROME HAWK Toughbooks will withstand Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunami's unlike most electronic devices available. Black Hawk supports the Wounded Warrior Project.  with proceeds going to help those who help us. Take a Toughbook and  WHEN TOUGH  ISN'T ENOUGH, take the BLACK HAWK TOUGHBOOK.  

Reliable Toughbooks at a great price.  We only deal in Panasonic, because with Panasonic, you don' need a warranty, however if you need on we offer them.  Email us for a machine, they can be sent all around the works.  Prices start at $495.00  HERE.

Black Hawk on Twitter. To purchase a Black Hawk Toughbook   send us an email here  Toughbooks can be purchased through Google Checkout.  The Black Hawk  CF-18  CF-29 & CF-30 & CF-31 Toughbooks are  prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas.  Each Toughbook runs in complete slience and DO NOT overheat. Once a  $4500.00 device, today it's available for 1/10th the cost. 

 If you fly UAV's  Operate Heavy Equipment. or just want to operate the toughest  Laptop on earth, The Black Hawk CF-29 and CF-30's are the candidates.  No iPad, or Apple/Mac could survive the Snow Leopard, but the Black Hawk and American Soldier can. Support our Troops.

 The Getac Computer is a Ultra Rugged vs. Fully Rugged Toughbook.  To learn more and purchase the one machine that goes  beyond a Black Hawk  Click Here

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