Items in development by Black Hawk.    IED Detection

To win a war, is to adapt to the enemy.  The hunter becomes the hunted, but our current methods are not working against the yellow Palm Jugs packed with house hold fertilizer.  The farmer during the day is the bomber at night. It's time the US decides to plant its OWN IED's aka the GLD. Good Luck Detecting is a affordable and very easy to operate, simple GPS device with old practical technology.  Best of all, its a rock and resembles one of 50 billion rocks all over Afghanistan....or its a dirt clod....or it's donkey dung....or it's tree bark. ....or.  The list goes on.  The common, night vision micro camera, with IR movement detector and Geo Tracker, are are small RC toy components that only communicate one way.  Take the rock you wish to mimic, make, pour a simple mold, place in the device, let it cure and done.  In 1 hour, a US Soldier can put together 20 or these, have each activated, and recognized on his or her Black Hawk Laptop.   

Where the Navy takes hours to clear 200 yards of suspected IED planted roads, now they start planting devices rather than digging.  This will dramatically eliminated the hour long process of digging a deep hole in a rocky road to plant the volume of explosive required to take out a Buffalo.  The Insurgents will be watching the US planting these, however, at night even with night vision, one can be placed with little or no heat signature, and with little metal content, and cannot be detected by simple Metal Detectors.  "we are looking for anyone who picks up, kicks, shoots at, walks away with one of these rocks.  We are looking for those who are looking".  The enemy learns that the only place safe to plant an IED is in the floor of their homes.  Suddenly there is a sense of nervousness when anyone walking and stopping on any road or trail at night.  Bomb making starts in Pakistan moving over the mountains and into Afghanistan.  The time for Low Tech is now.  The insurgents will use old women and children to plant IED's.  

To beat the enemy is to overwhelm them.  Dummy GLD's will be planted leaving a signature, but its the Cell Tower that watches them that's attached to some tree.  When the insurgents use night vision to see where these are planted, troops will use Projecting Flood Lamps to obscure visibility.  Now the enemy must "guess" where they are placed, and will require 10 mins of kicking and prodding rocks.  This is the first indication they are Taliban.  The enemy will collect these, trying to draw troops into a trap.  The enemy will take the components and use them against our Forces.  This is what the US needs, once we take over a supply chain, we can track bomb makers.  The Taliban will need to collect millions of rocks, just to see which one is a GLD.  Phone GLD's will be planted, the Insurgent will spend lots of time cracking it to find a nail, or a bolt, or a screw, or.....?
Overwhelm the enemy with low cost multiple random devices that are difficult to find and detect. That's how we can beat the IED.



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