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Black Hawk Toughbooks

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    Looking to purchase a Refurbished Toughbook?  Black Hawk Toughbooks at sell a very unique CF-29 and CF-30 Machine.  Our Refurbished Toughbooks are designed to withstand more abuse than the current model Panasonic Toughbooks on the market.  Black Hawk Refurbished Toughbooks come equipped with a Rubber Knobby Protector and a Base Coat of specific paint color for each operation the machine will be used in.  Refurbished and Rebuilt CF-29 BLACK HAWK, DESERT HAWK and CHROME Panasonic Toughbooks at  are designed to withstand Natural disasters, Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunami's better than any other laptop are perhaps now more useful than ever before. The Panasonic Toughbook Relief will use a percentage of each purchase to help where needed the Earthquake Relief Effort in  Japan, home to The Worlds Best Laptops. In times like these, provisions and technology  are vital to survival.  Black Hawk Toughbooks are the most  Rugged Notebook PC's, with the unique Rubber Knobby Protector and Paint Scheme.  BlackHawk offers the CF-29, CF-30 and CF-18 Refurbished Rugged Laptop for SPECIAL FORCES and BLACK OPS. For $350 - $550 range, these machines are equipped with F-16 Falcon SIM with Flight Controller.  See Operational Specs. for Intel Chips here. These machines are equipped with GPS and TOPO North American Geographical Tracking for Hikers and Outdoors man. Each machine is equipped with a Panasonic Toughbook Hard Drive Caddy,  and Panasonic Battery.  It's seen quite rightly the reference model for real outdoor notebooks, with style and performance. Designed after the classic STAR WARS J-type 327 Nubian  Royal Starship, the Black Hawk CF-29 Toughbook BLACK and CHROME are robust like no other laptop and is optimally prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas. Shocks, drops, heat, cold, dust and damp present no risk to the . Thanks to the Intel Pentium M 738 1.2 to 1.6 GHz Processor for the most demanding use. Once a $4500.00 device, today it's available to anyone for 1/10th the cost. If you fly UAV's Work around heavy equipment, Drive Bradley vehicles in the high desert, or just want to show off the coolest machine for computing, The Black Hawk CF-29 is the candidate.   *Additional Charges Aapply.

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