The BLACK HAWK MODIFICATION SERVICE.  Need a tougher more rugged laptop? Looking for a laptop that is so unique and different, it may get you out of a speeding ticket?  Well maybe, but the best part is that Black Hawk Toughbooks offers the Black Hawk Toughbook Modification Service for those who already own a Toughbook, but want and need their machine a bit tougher.  The service will take your CF-29, CF-18, CF-30, CF-19, CF-31 and transform it into a machine that goes beyond tough.

Cost of the Modification into the Original USA Built and Backed Black Hawk varies by machine and options.  Every Fully Rugged Toughbook is coated with a rubberized coating of Desert, OD Green, Black or if you want a completely unique and rare look only offered by Black Hawk, The CHROME Toughbook.  Once we receive your machine we will communicate on each step completed.  Each machine is stripped, and cleaned.  The Key Board is removed and cleaned, the Swing Arms holding the LCD are cleaned, the seals reset and more.  The Rubber Knobby Protector then is installed as each Toughbook model has its own Rubber Knobby Protector shown here.  Next is the aluminum "TOUGHBOOK" badge.  Finally, the GPS unit.  Black Hawk has a Unique GPS device which operates on today's modern technology rather than the old Internal Devices.  Each GPS has memory and a small rechargeable battery.  This allows for Logging Location for quick "hot" starts.  The GPS can be removed and reinstalled again and again, this allows transfer to multiple machines, different makes and models of laptops, can be loaned, can be shut off to save battery power.  No other Toughbook has these features available as the GPS is only as good as the Tracking Software.  Each Black Hawk Modification Toughbook will have the most complete GPS software including Garmin TOPO Maps, DeLorme Street Atlas, Streets and Trips, and Google Earth GPS tracking using real imaging. Additional services include 2 Slot PCMCIA USB 2.0 Ports, Sony Ericsson Card. for additional information and pricing.  Google Checkout

Black Hawk Modification Service  At, we  will transform your standard Cf-29, CF-30, CF-18, CF-19 laptop into a True Military SPEC-OPS High Grade Fully Ruggedized Toughbook.  By mailing  us your machine through Google Checkout and USPS Priority Mail with Tracking, Black Hawk USA will convert your standard laptop into the most rugged Military Spec Toughbook available. Prices for the Black Hawk Modification Service  include a Rubber Knobby Protector,  Aluminium Metallic Toughbook Badge, Black Scratch less, Chip less, Stain Proof Coatings in either Black, Desert and Ranger OD Green.  For the CHROME HAWK look,  please email us for a quote.  GPS Radio Mods run $75.00 and includes all Software like USA TOPO MAPS,  Satellite Tracking Software DeLorme Street Atlas or MS Streets and Trips for (Turn by Turn USA Driving Directions). The cost of each  Rubber Knobby Protector® seen below on a CF-30 runs $35.00 (a similar  prices for all Toughbook Models).  The Metal Badge will replace your vinyl piece and run $11.75.  Paint runs approx $30.00 - $38.50 depending upon your machine.   Your machine will be return shipped to you through USPS Priority Mail, with insurance at REPLACEMENT VALUE.   The work requires 7-10  business days and 3 business days return shipping.  Tracking, is required and Photo's of your machines Model, Bois, and Serial Number  need to be emailed prior to modification. You may not need to ship the Battery, the Power Cord, or hard drive, but  for SW Upgrades to the Canmore Black Hawk 65 Channel GPS installation , the Hard Drive is required.  Return shipping is paid by the customer and will run approx $21.00.  Please  for additional more information To see what yourlLaptop will look like  above.

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail and USPS Priority International Mail.  Average cost of USPS anywhere in the USA runs $18.00-22.00,
Average International Rate runs approx. $70.00. Click Here for International Shipping Rates. 

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