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Panasonic is a motivated company who focuses its technology not only to help man but to assist Marine Mammals. Black Hawk Toughbook computers are rugged enough for the US military in remote regions all over the world. Now, Panasonic's robust portable computer is moving into a new territory – the wet, salty environment of dolphins. 

Thanks to Panasonic’s recent loan of three Toughbook computers to, Dolphin Researchers, Jack & Donna Kassewitz, are introducing the touchscreen computers to the dolphins in their research program. "The Toughbook’s screen brightness and water resistance are important for our project. We’ve seen the videos of trucks driving over Toughbooks and glasses of water being poured on the keyboard and the Toughbook keeps right on working—so we think these computers can handle dolphins."

The Toughbook computers will be part of language interface between humans and dolphins. The beginning phases of the project involve a cognitive game called "same/different" where a dolphin is shown an object in real life, such as a ball or flower pot, then asked to identify a photo of the same object on the touch screen. This process is to teach the dolphin that images on the computer screen can be used to symbolize real objects. Donna Kassewitz explained, "The dolphins have to get the hang of manipulating the touchscreen and also make the mental connection of symbols vs. real life objects. Then we’ll add symbols for actions and dolphin sounds associated with each of the symbols. We feel confident that both the dolphins and the Panasonic Toughbooks are up to the task."

One of the dolphins in the research program, a young male bottlenose named Merlin, already has experience with touchscreen computers. "Now with the Toughbooks’ interconnectivity we are better able to record the dolphin sounds and analyze them in real time" said Jack Kassewitz. "Thanks to support from Panasonic and donations from the public through our website, we are making progress in this important research. We believe both dolphins and humans will benefit from an interspecies language interface. We need all the support we can get towards this goal." Learn more from Black Hawk Toughbooks at about purchasing a Toughbook by Panasonic.

The Black Hawk Toughbook are built in the USA  and the first BRANDED Refurbished Toughbook with the Certified Eco Seal Hologram, ensuring customers are buying a Toughbook  that is ALL ORIGINAL / ALL PANASONIC. Unlike other "black" Toughbooks being sold with CHINA parts, fake batteries, phoney cables, and decals to hide their damage.  Every Toughbook Laptop we sell has every Panasonic part number stamped into it. The Eco Seal ensures our Toughbooks are 100% Original Panasonic,  Environmentally Tested and approved for use in the USA and Countries which adhere to strict Environmental Standards.   Below is a mother Bottle Nose with her dead young who she has been carrying with her for several days.  Only humans feel sadness and a sense of loss?  Not so says researchers.  This animal refuses to let go of her baby.  If only more parents would live and act like this Mother.  If only Fathers would show this kind of passion to their kids.  Yes Dolphins may like Toughbooks, but the message here is that human kind needs to put certain creatures as more important than themselves.  "Killing a very bad person is easy and rather rewarding vs. hurting or killing an animal."  Seal Team 6.

Never Underestimate an Animal

Grieving bottlenose dolphin carries deceased calf.

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