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Many of our customers have asked about the value of information from a website called
subtitled (Panasonic - Discuss the rugged ToughBook notebooks here.)  This is a forum made up of a handful of several profecient individuals who have the ability to share valuable information surrounding the workings of Rugged Panasonic Toughbooks. 

However we also encourage our customers to learn as much as they can, as this site is just but a fraction of sites with Fully Rugged Panasonic Toughbook information.  The biggest issue when dealing with forums,  this one in particular is the frustration  weeding through the gossip,  bar stool stories,  and dreams of being in law enforcement.  Probably 1 of 4 comments offer value, info is there if one is willing to scroll and scroll and scroll to find it. and Black Hawk USA sells more Toughbooks every 3 months to people around the Globe than this
site has total forum members.  You will also note that there are only 15-20 people who regularly post to the
notebookreview/toughbook forum.  This indicates  that the site is  more of a club of chums than access to Toughbook Info.  When you look carefully at the topics and the members, the volume of new members is low like the info.  Most of those commenting originate from members who have been chatting for several years or more.  While has grown larger and larger, the forum‎ has not.

Black Hawk USA and is page ranked higher on the worlds largest search engine.  The notebookreview/toughbook forum.  always rankes below  This indicates is that on a daily basis, more people visit our site and link to our site than the notebookreview/toughbook forum.  In-fact when you Google the word Panasonic, our site is usually in the top 10, same with Panasonic Toughbooks.  The notebookreview/toughbook forum does not rank on either the first or second pages and over the past 12 months has ALWAYS ranked below our site.

How this affects you as a customer.  If you want to get some info or be amused, the notebookreview/toughbook forum is a
good place to visit.  If you need parts, need quick results, online support no matter what time or what time zone, your questions will get answered and the parts you need will be delivered and the tech support is always there for you.  Thanks

again for your questions and your business.

Black Hawk USA