Refurbished Toughbooks

All of Black Hawk’s Refurbished Toughbooks are  tested, cleaned, adjusted and certified back to the original factory specs by  Panasonic Software and Hardware. Installation of a NEW main battery is included at no additional charge. You can take this Toughbook anywhere without worrying about being gentle, because Black Hawk offers continued customer support through the life of the machine.

Refurbished Toughbooks vs. Used Toughbooks

So what’s the difference between a refurbished and a used laptop? The difference is quality. In order to be declared “refurbished” instead of “used”, these computers will need to make it through our rigorous inspection and rebuilding process. Any potentially poor performing aspect of the used Toughbook will be repaired or replaced by people who not only know what they’re doing, but by people who also care about making sure that the product that you receive is in perfect working order. When you buy a refurbished Toughbook from Black Hawk Toughbooks, you should be expecting something that is going to perform just as good, or better, than when it was first taken out of the original Panasonic packaging.

As for appearance, if you were to take a look at one of our refurbished Toughbooks next to it’s average used counterpart, it would be simple to spot the difference. When you buy refurbished you are getting a product that looks, feels and functions perfect, no missing screws, no dings, no hidden damage etc. These cosmetic differences between used and refurbished are a result of being cleaned inside and out, having screws replaced, and the computer being given a new paint job to polish it off.