Black Hawk Toughbook Product Evaluation Process

The Home of Black Hawk USA Computer's Quality Control Process for ISO-9000 Standing
The type and condition of the product determines the path of processing. Type of product is defined as notebook, accessory, or part. Condition is defined by age, use, cosmetics, completeness and functionality.

Black Hawk check products for type and condition by using Panasonic and HP-Electronic Test diagnostics. Most products are not new in the factory box, however most are rarely used as they were purchased for expansion of Law Enforcement then the Budget's Dropped and agencies were left with these machines. All Toughbooks when they come into the facility are immediately sent to the last part of the inventory process for sale.Because of the large volume of products we will buy 3 machines and only build 1.  Because the screen of one machine may be perfect, its battery may be dead.

Hand-Selected Toughbook Computers
Not every Toughbook laptop will make it through the multi-point quality checklist to become a premium, pre-owned, fully refurbished Toughbook computer. It first must be hand-selected from all the Toughbook computers received at the select Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher’s facility. It then must meet initial functionality requirements, as well as certain cosmetic criteria.

A Complete Evaluation
Customers want peace of mind when they are about to purchase a refurbished Toughbook laptop. They need to count on their Toughbook computer whether they are in a police car, a fire truck, an ambulance, or any environment where fully rugged durability and reliability matter. That’s why a full diagnostics test is run on each computer using software required by the OEM. A complete evaluation of each Toughbook computer is performed and checked against its model configuration specifications and performance standards.

Checklist Review, Identification of Potential Problems
The multipoint quality evaluation checklist includes, but is not limited to: Exterior cosmetics, Handles and strap rings, Functionality of the doors, latches and covers, Power test and boot-up functionality, Screen functionality, with additional testing for touchscreen models, Touchscreen calibration, Touchpad functionality and check for wear marks, Keypad functionality and check for wear marks, Screen check for blemishes or scratches, Screen image clarity, and Battery tests.

Complete Data Erasure
Even if hard drives were erased by a previous owner, they are checked for any data. Each hard drive is then thoroughly wiped and data sanitized according to DoD compliant standard, 5220.22-M. Customers are guaranteed to receive a Toughbook computer with a “clean” hard drive.

Rigorously Reconditioned
To live up to the higher expectations customers have for a Toughbook computer, each laptop will receive a thorough reconditioning. If new parts are required, they are installed. If the LCD screen image is not sharp and it cannot be repaired or replaced, it is removed from the line. If cosmetically a Toughbook computer is not in “like-new” condition, and it cannot be brought to like-new condition, it will be designated accordingly with cosmetic imperfections noted.

Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Operating System Pre-Installation
The select Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) that is evaluating and refurbishing these Toughbook Computers, is certified to install a genuine Microsoft Windows XP operating system. This process enables only a MAR to affix a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label to the computer. Customers buying a refurbished Toughbook computer from this MAR will likely see two COA labels in the unit, one is for the original operating system installation and the second is for the pre-installed operating system.

Quality Control Testing, Meticulous Inspection
To increase customer confidence, each Toughbook computer is tested again before moving to the final cleaning and packing process. All processing and image functions are checked again as well all ports, covers, latches and seals. A final cosmetic evaluation and rating is confirmed so that the "like-new" designation can be confirmed as appropriate.

Beyond Clean
No one wants to handle or type on a PC keyboard that has been in someone else's hands. That's why each Toughbook computer is not just wiped, it is thoroughly cleansed and keyboards are sanitized. All ports are "blown clean" again with an air gun and all port covers securely fastened.

Accessories and Documentation: All Included
Each Toughbook computer comes with new documentation and manual designated for that unit. This information is found in each box, along with the power cord and other core accessories.

Packed for Protection
Before a Toughbook computer can be shipped out, it is placed in a new box with protective packaginig that guards against damage while being delivered to its new home.