Have you ever read of a watch named ROLLEX,  or a USA shoe manufacture called NEW BOUNCE? These are names that companies in China pull over on the Global Consumer. Black Hawk Toughbooks and Black Hawk Toughbooks SPEC-OPS is no exception.  A name is a way large and small businesses "brand" themselves.  It's a commitment a business invests in its product and consumer loyalty. When someone steals a name or "brand", quality and jobs around the Globe erode.

An organization outside the USA called XXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXXXX, who on November 2011 took the name Black Hawk Toughbooks to capitalize on our success, is one of those China like organizations. Black Hawk USA developed the name January 2009 with the help of The USFS, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Military Experts here in the USA.  March 2012 Black Hawk USA  was awarded the ISO-9000 Certification, necessary when selling to Government Agencies.  What this certification requires is all parts used in  Black Hawk Toughbooks are identical to the parts listed in the Original Product Manual, requiring part numbers and serial numbers.  This guarantees the product works in the most demanding environments, and works exactly how it should with minimal to zero chance of failure.  Replacing parts with non-Panasonic parts to cut costs and cuts reliability, something Black Hawk USA prevents through the use of Original Products and Materials.  Black Hawk added SPEC-OPS to our name to specify our ISO-Certification.  On June 2012,  the China importer XXXXXXXX of  XXXXXXXX hijacked  that name along with the Black Hawk Toughbook name.  The XXXXXXX/XXXXXXX operation wrote us admitting taking our name.

Our Panasonic Toughbook Laptop parts are 100% Panasonic and manufactured at the Osaka Japan Panasonic Plant.  

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