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Toughbook 30

Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 MK1 MK2 MK3

Full Rugged - discontinued replaced with CF-31 - available RE/NEWED

Our Re/Newed Panasonic Toughbook® CF-30 qualifies as MIL-STD-810F and IP54 certified, which means that it is TOUGH. The Toughbook® 30 is a fully-rugged mobile PC. It has 1000 nit sunlight-viewable  LCD with a NEW   touchscreen with Screen Protector, NEW  battery.  add the optional backlit keyboard for an affordable vehicle rugged solution. the re/newed cf-30 can withstand a 3-foot drop, and has a full magnesium alloy case with handle and shock-mounted quick-release hard drive to deliver maximum durability, portability and uptime no matter where your work takes you.

Compare us to any "refurbished toughbook 30".  Choose RE/Newed not refurbished


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1 year warranty including the battery. 

Experience you can trust




snapshot specifications

Image 2 Image 2 Image 2

  MK2   MK2              
LCD   13.3"
  13.3"   10.4"
Passive Touch   Yes
  Yes   Yes
Brightness (nit rating)   1000 nit
  1000 nit Daylight Read
  500 NIT Daylight Read
Base Memory   1000 nit
  2.5 GB   2.5 GB
Max Memory   1000 nit
  4GB   4GB
CPU - Intel   1000 nit
  L7500   L7500
  Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz 4MB L2 800Mhz FSB   Core 2 Duo 1.06 Ghz 6MB L2 533 Mhz FSB
Video   1000 nit
  Intel GM965 Shared 384MB Max   Intel GS45 Shared 1024MB Max
Hard Disk   1000 nit
  250GB   250GB
WiFi   1000 nit
  Intel 4965AG 802.11abg   Intel 4965AG  802.11abg
Bluetooth   1000 nit
  v2.0 EDR   v2.0 EDR
USB   v2.0  x 3
  v2.0  x 3   v2.0  x 3
TPM Security    TPM v1.2
  TPM v1.2   TPM v1.2
Battery Life   Up to 4 hours ***
  Up to 6 hours ***   Up to 6 hours ***
Cellular Option   Yes
  Yes   Yes (+GOBI)
GPS Option   Yes
  Yes   Yes (Upgraded)
Warranty   1 - 3 years
  1 - 3 years   1 - 3 years
Condition   RE/Newed

  RE/Newed    RE/Newed 
Status   Discontinued
  Discontinued   Discontinued




Pricing & Specifications Policy
Unless otherwise noted, all prices shown on mruggedmobile.com are either the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), U.S. list price, or (if applicable) the price for direct purchase from the M Rugged Mobile Technology  store.  Special pricing Discounts for multi unit and Federal, State and Local Government pricing May apply. Purchase Orders with approved credit are accepted.  Features, availability, specifications & pricing subject to change without notice. Please feel free to call us at 877-870-3806 with any questions before you buy. Special offers or promotions are valid only for the dates indicated

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