SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With a number of wildfires burning in various parts of the Golden State, California National Guard (CNG) air crews continue to assist in efforts to put out the flames. Eight CNG helicopters are currently supporting firefighting efforts. Two HH-60G Pave Hawks from the Moffett Federal Airfield-based 129th Rescue Wing and a UH-60 Black Hawk from Los Alamitos Army Aviation Support Facility (LAAASF), which were previously engaged in aerial firefighting operations in Southern California, are now en route to support firefighting effort in Northern California along with the USFS and CAL Fire.   

In Northern California, three UH-60 Black Hawks, each equipped with The Black Hawk Toughbook transmitting Thermal Imaging from the USFS Cobra Helicopters above.  This one's propped on the giant pitot refueling tube on HH-60G 115.

The Black Hawk's based out of Mather Army Aviation Support Facility, one based out of Los Alamitos, and an additional UH-72 Lakota from Stockton Army Aviation Support Facility are supporting the firefighting effort. Another Black Hawk helicopter from Mather, specially equipped as an air ambulance, is on standby to perform medical evacuation duties if required.

Since Tuesday, Aug. 7, these aircraft have flown more than 500 flight missions and have strategically dropped more than 265,000 gallons of water on fires.  The Army UH-60 Black Hawk and Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk carry a 660-gallon-capacity water bucket, which is operated by the flight crew chief and CalFire manager onboard the aircraft.  The UH-72 Lakota is a light-utility helicopter, which serves as an aerial observation platform.  With the lead pilot as Pilot in Command, the Pilot in the right seat navigates and monitors fly by wire systems using the Touch Screen Laptop to relay information to ensure the fire path is tracked and suppressed.  One tool used during the Fire Fighting effort is the the Panasonoic BLACK HAWK Toughbook which allows streaming of TOPO images necessary to track fire direction initiated by the USFS Cobra Helicopters.  The Retired AH-1Fs from the US Army have been converted into Firewatch Cobras with infrared and low light sensors and systems for real time fire monitoring.  With heat Imaging, hotspots can be detected and that data can be sent to the GARMIN TOPO USGS Maps of the area.  This allow safe water drops during poor visibility.  No longer are hand held charts used when navigating  in a smoke rich environment.  Black Hawk's 3D TOPO imaging supplies the streaming video to teams below.  Each Black Hawk uses computer based onboard systems, however these systems are dedicated to way-points and fuel consumption.  Before each mission a USB card is inserted into the CF-18 and CF-19 Black Hawk Toughbooks showing the current fire conditions, based on humidity, wind speed, and terrain. Each machine flies a with a crew ensuring containment over vital resources like homes and other commercial out buildings.  The Laptop is teathered to a Wireless Internet Connection and in real time, the co-pilot can punch into the LCD Touch Screen hot spots that are growing requiring additional support most often from smoke jumpers. 

Below is the C-130  with its Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS)-equipped in the rear of the C-130 Super Hercules airplanes which are staged at McClellan Air Park near Sacramento. This aircraft  is from the Channel Island Air National Guard Station-based 146th Airlift Wing (AW).  Others are from as far away as the North Carolina Air National Guard’s 145th AW.

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