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   Black Hawk Toughbooks sell used Toughbooks. Click
Black Hawk USA™ for information and pricing. The Refurbished  Rugged Panasonic Toughbook is designed to withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperature, and other rough handling. Originally marketed to military, law enforcement and heavy industrial users, BlackHawk Toughbooks  have  expanded marketing towards a wider audience.  The price of a used toughbook runs from $450.00 to $1250.00.  Over 500 tests and quality checks are performed during production of the Black Hawk Toughbooks and all units are subjected to a factory burn-in period.  All BlackHawk Toughbook models have a magnesium alloy case coated with a highly resistant coating of undercoating polymer. Each BlackHawk has its liquid crystal display (LCD) panels designed specifically for visibility during daylight use, and each BlackHawk Lid carries its own Rubber Knobby Protector. Other design elements include a shock-mounted hard drive and, a moisture and dust-resistant LCD, keyboard and touchpad.

Black Hawk USA™  Panasonic Toughbooks are  the Toughbook series in  the series of "Military Grade Fully Rugged" in the personal computer configuration. BlackHawk Toughbooks specialty design allows for  numerous customizable add-on features. Panasonic's BlackHawk  fully rugged laptops have no cooling fan and instead dissipate heat "evenly" through the chassis. Having no fan ensures a better seal against dust and moisture. Further, a lack of a cooling fan can lead to longer battery life, quieter operation, and fewer moving parts. However, this means Panasonic must design additional proprietary solutions at additional costs. To reduce heat and power consumption, many laptops come with lower voltage Intel processors and have numerous automatic power management functions. Toughbooks have also inadvertently served as bulletproof vests.  BlackHawk Toughbooks offers The Toughbook PDRC (Permanent Display Removable Computer) has an extraordinarily bright touchscreen. Our unit permanently mounts, usually to a vehicle’s dashboard, and connects to a removable computer mounted elsewhere in your vehicle. BLACK HAWK, DESERT HAWK and CHROME HAWK Panasonic Toughbooks will withstand Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunami's better than any laptop, and most electronic devices available. Black Hawk supports the Wounded Warrior Project .  You buy a machine we give them some of the money.  Got a mission? Take a Toughbook and When Tough Isn't Enough, take the real Black Hawk Toughbook


Need to purchase a Fully Rugged GPS enabled Toughbook? Black Hawk Toughbooks sells Miitary Rated, Law Enforcement tested  Panasonic Laptops offering the best prices and warranty available.  Refurbished Toughbooks prices range between $499 - $1,299.00.  Black Hawk transforms used Toughbooks into Fully Rugged Refurbished Laptops. Our Toughbooks for sale far surpass the standard Panasonic Toughbooks currently offered on the internet.  Black Hawk Toughbooks go way beyond the common "refurbish job", by  offering options no other seller provides.  Email us for prices and Laptops available.  Please include the model of the Toughbook Laptop you are inquiring about.


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