Purchasing a Toughbook is a good decision if looking for a used laptop.  Big and bulky these machines are really built for one thing, to last and to work when you need it to most.  Very few pieces of devices that rely on LCD's and Microchips are built as tough as these machines.

Now for the Toughest Machines. The Black Hawk Toughbook takes the CF-29 and re-creates the machine to become a new style and new function rugged Toughbook.  At PanasonicToughbooks.net these machines run between $599.00 for the basic machine to $850 the top of the line and most featured machines available.  The Black Hawk even offers a Chrome Machine, a remarkable classy mirror look.  To learn more about these machines, ContactUs@PanasonicToughbooks.net.

Each machine is equipped with a GPS unit.  A mini, mobile antenna that is designes to work with
the machine to communicate with Microsoft Streets and Trips and Google Maps.  The Black Hawk
is the only Refurbished outfit offering GPS on all their machines.

Refurbished Black Hawk Toughbooks

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