Black Hawk Tou

  Black Hawk Toughbooks are the most  Rugged Notebook PC's, with the unique Rubber Knobby Protector and Paint Scheme.  BlackHawk offers the CF-29, CF-30 and CF-18 Refurbished Rugged Laptop for SPECIAL FORCES and BLACK OPS as seen in the videos above. Each Refurbished Toughbook comes equipped with F-16 Falcon SIM with Flight Controller, GPS and TOPO North American Geographical Tracking for Hikers and Outdoors man.  Each laptop is equipped with a Panasonic Toughbook Hard Drive Caddy,  and Panasonic Battery.  It's seen quite rightly the reference model for real outdoor notebooks, with style and performance. The Black Hawk CF-29 Toughbook BLACK HAWK Toughbooks are robust like no other laptop and each are optimally prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas. Shocks, drops, heat, cold, dust and damp present no risk to the . Thanks to the Intel Pentium M 738 1.2 to 1.6 GHz Processor and 1.66 Dual Core Processors, these laptops are the work horses for the most demanding uses. Once a $4500.00 device, today it's available to anyone for a fraction of  the cost. If you fly UAV's Work around heavy equipment, Drive Bradley vehicles in the high desert, or just want to show off the coolest machine for computing, The Black Hawk CF-29 is the candidate.  

To Purchase a Black Hawk Toughbook, Desert Hawk, OD Green or  Chrome Hawk, please send us an email at

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