Need to purchase a Toughbook? Black Hawk Toughbooks® sell Fully Refurbished Toughbooks for the Outside Adventurer to the Industrial Mechanic. Black Hawk Toughbooks® are purchased for Diesel Mechanics using Diagnostic Software, Sport Fisherman used in Tracking Schools of fish with Sonar and Depth Finders. Black Hawk Toughbooks® are purchased by Fire Engine Companies, Under Cover Law Enforcement and Military Security oversees. If you require a Tough and Rugged Laptop, look no further. Black Hawk will build and service your specific machine and for the length of ownership, provide additional upgrade services and help sell your laptop if that time comes. Prices of our Refurbished Rugged Toughbooks vary, but you are assured, the cost is not only comparable to industry averages, customers receive upgrades not offered on any other refurbished Panasonic Toughbook sold like the original Panasonic Toughbook Rubber Knobby Protector®. Black Hawk Toughbooks rebuilds standard Panasonic Laptops including the Cf-29, CF-30, CF-18, CF-19 laptop into a True Military SPEC-OPS High Grade Fully Ruggedized Toughbook Laptop. Out of the box, just flip the switch and your Computing and Navigating. Each Machine is mailed to our customers through a secure USPS Tracking Priority Mail Format, and all the Black Hawk Laptops will be completed within 10 business days. Each Laptop includes a Rubber Knobby Protector®, aluminum metallic Toughbook Badge, Black Scratch less, Chip less, Stain Resistant Coating in Black, Desert and Ranger OD Green. For the CHROME HAWK look, please email us for a quote. GPS Radio are standard and includes all Software including USA TOPO MAPS, FLIGHT SOFTWARE and STREET ATLAS (Turn by Turn Directions) by DeLorme. for a quote on a machine you are interested in purchasing. 

                                      Google Checkout above is  a  secure way to buy a Black Hawk Toughbook.  You will receive an invoice to your email Box.  Google Checkout does not require an account to be established by the buyer unlike PayPal.  Black Hawk Toughbooks allows the buyer 10 business days to test their machine before a full refund is offered (Excludes Modification Service).     Google's Checkout allows the customer a 100% money back return as long as there is a valid UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number for the returned item. Warranty is provided for your Toughbook. 

Visa, MasterCard or Discover  is all you need.  so there's no setting up a PayPal acct.  Just print your invoice and follow instructions.   Funds can be sent or returned online quickly.  Click Here for our items ON SALE only while supplies last, need something special? eMail us  we'll respond within 2 hrs. Thankyou.

  Only Toughbooks because with Panasonic, you don't need a warranty, You just need us and a Black Hawk for lifetime service.  Prices start  HERE.   Follow us on Facebook.

Black Hawk Toughbooks on Twitter.  The Black Hawk  CF-18  CF-29 & CF-30 & CF-31 Toughbooks are  prepared for the harshest conditions of use in all areas.    

 If you fly UAV's  Operate Heavy Equipment. or just need a tough laptop, The Black Hawk CF-18, CF-29 and CF-30's are the candidates.  

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