I HAVE AN iPAD Why a Toughbook?

"I have an iPad now so why would I need a 7 pound Toughbook?"  "My iPhone or my Android is all I need why a Toughbook?"  "I have a cute Kindle, why would I get a Black Hawk 6lb,8oz CF-19 Laptop?"  Some say Laptops are OLD SCHOOL, but are they?  Now think about this take a nice vacation to Borneo with your iPad.   You can't use it in the rain, even though it rains 90% daily.  Even the humidity creeps in and your screen fogs. Make sure your fingers are real clean, any dirt or mud will ruin your touch screen.  Bring back back up batteries...."wait you cannot get back up batteries". Make sure you can see the mountains in 3D, oh wait, these things don't do GPS and Google earth in 3D, DAM how tall is that mountain we need to climb? "Lets burn a movie and give it to the local people for their memories.....DAM cannot do that either."  What you are left with is a  ballerina, what you need is a Special Force in a Green Beret environment.  Get a Toughbook, yes your gadgets are cute in airports terminals but they suck where 80% of the earth is covered by ocean, jungle and desert. Be Prepared for the next 12 years.

Since its foundation in 1918, Panasonic manufacturing company has always had a mission in the creation of great performing and long lasting products. Another vision is to continue the sound development of maintaining high standards for environmental concerns. Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of the company, stipulated the mission in the Basic Management Objective, which has become Panasonic's management philosophy. developing a global brand that is know for its protection of our global natural resources. 
In 1994 Panasonic was the first Laptop Manufacture to introduce a CD Optical Drive built into their CF-41 machine.  In 1996 the first Fully Rugged Design was introduced as a CF-25.  In 1999 the first WIRELESS Laptop emerged as the CF-27, or better known as WAN.  By 2002, the first Water Resistant laptop came to market, the CF-28. Soon the CF-29 1.2Ghz in 2003,  1.3GHz in 2004, 1.4GHz in 2006 and 1.6Ghz in 2007 appeared with a better Wireless Range, and updated Intel Processors.  Finally in 2008, the CF-30 was developed as the Best In The Field with true Day and Night LCD Function Laptop using Dual Core Intel Technology in a Rugged Design, the birth of the 1000 nit canceled mode was born.  Finally 2.5 years ago, Standard Voltage IP65 was brought to the main stream Rugged Market as the CF-31.  In 2009 Black Hawk Introduced the first fully Branded Refurbished Toughbook which included the CF-29 1.6Ghz, CF-30 and CF-19 models Black Hawk Toughbooks at PanasonicToughbooks.net is the first branded company to take that step a bit further by ensuring the refurbished products also follow in these giant footsteps. Black Hawk uses materials, supports causes and recycles equipment that leaves a very small carbon footprint. The only excess we use as an organization is commitment and service to our customers and our products. Each Refurbished Toughbook sold by Black Hawk USA, carries the Eco Ideal Hologram Seal seen on our Home Page at www.PanasonicToughbooks.net

Black Hawk Toughbooks at PanasonicToughbooks.net is where one can buy a Certified Refurbished Panasonic Fully Rugged Toughbook.   Black Hawk  REFURBISHED laptops arrive from agencies across the USA where there has been a reduction is staffing. As a result of cost cutting at many of the Government Agencies, i.e. Law Enforcements,  Dept of Transportation and  contractors working with these agencies.  The amount of surplus electronic equipment  available for purchase is large. Black Hawk USA  will obtain laptops from these agencies suited to be Certified Refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks (The best of the best). Where's the best place to buy a used Toughbook? Black Hawk USA at www.PanasonicToughbooks.net 

RUGGED vs. Basic Laptops and iPads Tablets
1. Magnesium Casings. Magnesium is 10-20 times tougher than ABS plastic. This tougher casing provides significant protection against accidental drops.

2. Shock-Mounted Hard Disk Drives. The disk drive in a ruggedized computer is mounted on springs, on rubber or on a gel-like substance. This allows the disk to float so-to-speak.

3. Additional Cushioning and Padding. There are additional steps taken inside the computer to protect the vital components from drops and vibration. There may be foam rubber, Styrofoam or other cushioning materials.

4. Hardened Glass. Many ruggedized computers use hardened glass for the display screen. It is not unbreakable, but is much harder to shatter and scratch than the regular glass in a commercial computer.

5. Sealed Against the Elements. Most semi-rugged computers offer sealed keyboards and display screens. This provides protection against liquid spills. The fully-rugged computers take this a step further and seal the entire computer.

6. Outdoor-Viewable Display Screens. The displays in commercial, plastic computers are designed for indoor use and are not bright enough to be seen outdoors. All fully-rugged computers offer the option of anti-glare sunlight readable display screens.

7. Intrinsically-Safe. Some rugged computers are designated "Intrinsically-Safe". This means that they are guaranteed not to emit a spark and thus can be safely used around hazardous materials or flammable gases.

8.  Warranty. Most ruggedized computers are easier to offer warranties because the failure rates are VERY LOW, 2% vs. 24% of a conventional laptop .Also it's simple and easy to repair your own Rugged Toughbook....because that feature was built into them.  This is why you will not see your HP tablet anywhere near a battlefield.

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